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About Us
Sian Li Co. was founded in Apr 1995, specializing in producing distinctive drum molds, machining accessories and parts. We use the most advanced CNC milling machines, CNC lathes machines under continuous production and strict manufacturing process to create the best products on the market.
Sian Li Co. has gained customer recognition and approval of our high-quality products and excellent customer services. We are looking forward to establishing future partnership that is sustainable and mutually beneficial for years to come.
Manufacture Rollers
Manufacture Mechanical Parts
Manufacturing with CNC Lathes Machines 15T、V26、V36、V46;CNC Milling Machine VTURN-102E
High quality with Master Cam software
Maximum size of CNC Lathes Machines is Ø680×L1700 (mm)
Maximum size of CNC Milling Machines is L1000×H650×W550 (mm)
Keyways Processing
Jiaying Enterprise, Sian Li Co. was established in a rented manufacturing plant in Kaohsiung in 1995. We started the company with only three traditional lathe machines.
Within decades of perseverance and effort, now Jiaying Enterprise has been relocated to a larger manufacturing site. The newest manufacturing plant covers approximately 1700 square meters. Since the relocation, more employees are hired to increase production while using the latest CNC lathe machines.
Professional, credibility and clients’ satisfaction have always been Sian Li Co.’s core values, we always consider customers as our number one priority. At Sian Li Co., we have well trained and experienced staff that is dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality services and products.
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